Enhancing Social, Environmental and Economic Wellbeing


To make Maine a global leader as a marine state.


To provide through innovative transdisciplinary marine research, education, and strategic partnerships, transformative solutions that improve the quality of life and enhance the social and economic wellbeing of the people of Maine and beyond.

Seeking UMaine MARINE Coordinator

The university-wide UMaine MARINE initiative is seeking internally for a part-time UMaine MARINE Coordinator. The individual in this role would assist the UMaine MARINE Steering Committee in the realization of initiatives, programs, and services that advance the research and communications mission of the UMaine MARINE. This would be a great opportunity for individuals with faculty or research appointments to pursue.
Those interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact Tammy Crosby (tammy.crosby@maine.edu).


Created on the foundation of its nationally and internationally recognized marine programs, world-class research, and cutting-edge facilities, the University of Maine Marine Aligned Research, Innovation, and Nationally-recognized Education or UMaine MARINE is a unique Maine-based initiative that brings together university, industry, government, and community collaborators who through integrated and innovative transdisciplinary marine research, education, and outreach are dedicated to the enhancement of social and economic wellbeing in Maine and beyond. 

Visit the UMaine MARINE units webpage for participating units.