What Is Maine's Blue Economy?

The Blue Economy: A UMaine MARINE Event

The University of Maine MARINE Initiative hosted a panel of leaders in the state to define and discuss the Blue Economy in Maine. This event was held virtually on Nov. 18, at 12:30 p.m. and was open to the public.

Questions Answered in the Webinar

How much has Maine, both UMaine and the state, worked with NOAA and the national marine sanctuary process to protect and enhance the “blue” resources?

We talk about scaled aquaculture as critical to Maine’s blue economy yet we present expensive and highly unpredictable conditions for investors who are trying to elevate Maine’s aquaculture industry. Do we really only welcome boutique, small aquaculture operations?

With the climate change heating up the world, especially the Gulf of Maine, cod and other fish are leaving and moving north to their preferred colder water environment. Also, various sea plants, crabs and other things that live in warmer ocean water are coming to the Maine coast. I’m not sure how this has affected lobsters, but I would like to ask what you think about how the economy is being affected because of this ocean warming.

Is there any part of this blue economy could accept foreign investment? Could there be new EB-5 program?

Is there going to be growing support down the line for the development/commercialization of value-added NON food products. Biomedical, biodegradable non-petroleum based packaging materials, etc.?

How do you see partnerships with Europe/the EU contribute to our Maine Blue Economy?

The Blue Economy Virtual Meet & Greet

Ocean waves

What is it to you and how does your work at UMaine intersect?

Blue Economy Meet and Greet Slide Show (must be logged into @maine.edu to access)

This virtual event featured:

  • a brief overview of the Blue Economy and how the federal and state government are prioritizing this area
  • group breakout sessions for discussion and collaboration
  • information on the UMaine MARINE Initiative seed grant RFP

This event has been recorded, and can be viewed on Kaltura using the Blue Economy UMaine Meet and Greet link. To access the video, login using UMS single sign-on.