• Dave Townsend, Director of the School of Marine Sciences
  • Gayle Zydlewski, Director of Maine Sea Grant
  • Debbie Bouchard, Director of the Aquaculture Research Institute
  • Steve Eddy, Director of the Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research
  • Gayle Kraus, University of Maine Machias Professor of Marine Ecology
  • Brian Beal, Downeast Institute
  • Neal Pettigrew, Director of the UMaine Ocean Observing Station (UMOOS)

Questions Answered

  • What are the 5 biggest problems facing the Gulf of Maine ecosystem today?
  • How can a high school student get involved in these efforts?
  • How is UMaine MARINE novel and what is planned for this initiative?
  • How do you see the role of aquaculture evolving in Maine over the next 10 years?